Bia Jeans Sponsorship for Buğra Tugay Erdoğan

Bia Jeans is supporting our national athlete Buğra Tugay Erdoğan for his success in kickboxing and muaythai. Bia Jeans, one of the leading companies in the jean industry, has once again taken an innovative step with its decision to sponsor a globally recognized championship.

Bia Jeans believes that kickboxing and muaythai sports, which have become popular in Turkey in recent years, can reach a wider audience with the support of companies, and Bia Jeans is committed to supporting athlete Buğra Tugay Erdoğan.

As a brand that has successfully made a name for itself in the global jean industry, Bia Jeans understands the value of sports and athletes. That’s why we are proud to support successful athletes like Buğra Tugay Erdoğan, the 2018 European and 2019 world heavyweight champion.

Buğra Tugay Erdoğan started his sports career at the age of 12 and has steadily become a globally recognized athlete. Buğra, who is also an academically qualified athlete, continues his professional sports life.

Bia Jeans is delighted to undertake this sponsorship to crown the success of Buğra Tugay Erdoğan and to further represent Turkey in the world arena. As a leading brand in sportswear, we consider it our responsibility to contribute to our athletes’ brilliant achievements around the world.

With the flag of Bia Jeans flying on the back of Buğra Tugay Erdoğan, we will continue to work to make Turkey’s name more known around the world.

With our combined strength, we continue to pursue our goal of becoming number one in the world in both the sports and jeans sectors. As Bia Jeans, we are a jean brand that opens up to the world with eye-catching colors, innovative patterns and models. We are committed to doing everything we can to help our athletes succeed in the world arena. Perhaps Turkey will be overflowing with these stones to become a country known for its sporting achievements.

As the manufacturer of jeans, the cornerstone of sportswear, Bia Jeans is proud to support sports and athletes. With this sponsorship, we are honored to set an example and support sports.